Cost of living in Portugal
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 159 234
Food 134 255
Transportation 31 88
Communications and utilities 58 70
Clothing 23 87
Sports and leisure 21 72
Accommodation in Portugal USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre161
Shared room in city centre237
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre275
1 bedroom apartment in city centre386
Location on map
Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
2931University of PortoPorto1,153 USD4,037 USD
3322Universidade de LisboaLisbon3,460 USD6,921 USD
3753University of CoimbraCoimbra8,074 USD8,074 USD
4354New University of LisbonLisbon2,307 USD2,307 USD
7105Catholic University of PortugalLisbon6,344 USD6,344 USD
10606Higher Institute of Business and Labour SciencesLisbon1,153 USD2,076 USD
14047University of AveiroAveiro1,730 USD1,730 USD
14448University of MinhoBraga1,152 USD1,152 USD
17399University of EvoraEvora2,884 USD4,614 USD
179910University of Beira InteriorCovilha5,767 USD5,767 USD
180611Polytechnic Institute of OportoPorto3,114 USD3,576 USD
12University of MadeiraSao Joao da Madeira1,000 USD1,000 USD
13Polytechnic Institute of BragançaBraga1,730 USD2,307 USD
14Polytechnic Institute of LeiriaLeiria2,076 USD2,307 USD
15Fernando Pessoa UniversityPorto5,000 USD5,000 USD
16Open UniversityLisbon
17Polytechnical Institute of LisbonLisbon3,114 USD3,576 USD
18University of AlgarveFaro3,460 USD4,037 USD
19Academia Militar PortugalLisbon
20Polytechnic Institute of ViseuViseu1,000 USD1,000 USD
21Polytechnic Institute of Castelo BrancoCastelo Branco2,500 USD2,500 USD
22ISPA - University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life SciencesLisbon
23Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra
24Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
25University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto DouroVila Real
26Escola Naval da Marinha
27Polytechnic Institute of SetúbalSetúbal1,384 USD2,076 USD
28Lusophone University of Humanities and TechnologiesLisbon7,500 USD7,500 USD
29Polytechnic Institute of SantarémSantarém2,500 USD2,500 USD
30Polytechnic Institute of GuardaGuarda
32Lusiada University of LisbonLisbon
31Universidades Lusíada de Famalicão
33Universidades Lusíada do PortoPorto
34University of the AzoresPonta Delgada
35Polytechnic Institute of Viana do CasteloViana do Castelo
36Instituto Politécnico de CoimbraCoimbra
37Polytechnic Institute of TomarTomar1,000 USD1,000 USD
38Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and AveBarcelos
39Maia Academic InstitutePorto
40Infante D. Henrique Portucalense University of OportoPorto2,500 USD2,500 USD
41Lusófona University of PortoPorto
42Escola Superior de Educação Paula FrassinettiPorto
43Institute of Administration and ManagementPorto
44ISG - Business and Economics SchoolLisbon5,000 USD5,000 USD
45Universidade Europeia
46Nursing School of CoimbraCoimbra
47Escola Superior de Enfermagem do PortoPorto2,500 USD2,500 USD
48Polytechnic Institute of BejaBeja
49Instituto Portugues de Administração de Marketing AveiroPorto
50Instituto Superior Bissaya BarretoCoimbra5,000 USD5,000 USD