Statistics - Sweden
RegionNordic Countries
CurrencySwedish Krona
Population9 633,490
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world33
Ranking of universities in the world11
Foreigner students8.2%
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 2
Universities in top 200 4
Universities in top 500 8
Universities in top 1000 11
Universities in top 5000 28
Title CityBachelorMaster
671Uppsala UniversityUppsala UniversityUppsala15,000 $17,000 $
772Lund UniversityLund UniversityLund13,000 $13,000 $
1223Stockholm UniversityStockholm UniversityStockholm27,000 $27,000 $
1434KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyStockholm23,000 $23,000 $
2015University of GothenburgUniversity of GothenburgGoeteborg21,000 $21,000 $
2146Chalmers University of TechnologyChalmers University of TechnologyGoeteborg21,000 $21,000 $
2857Linkoping UniversityLinkoping UniversityLinkoping
2988Umea UniversityUmea UniversityUmea15,000 $15,000 $
5109Karolinska InstituteKarolinska Institute29,000 $
65010Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesSwedish University of Agricultural SciencesUppsala
84211Stockholm School of EconomicsStockholm School of EconomicsStockholm15,000 $23,000 $
115912Lulea University of TechnologyLulea University of Technology
136113Blekinge Institute of TechnologyBlekinge Institute of Technology
140914Linnaeus UniversityLinnaeus University
142615Malmo UniversityMalmo UniversityMalmoe
146616University of KarlstadUniversity of Karlstad
149017Orebro UniversityOrebro University
149218Jönköping University Jönköping University Jonkoping
155419Mälardalen UniversityMälardalen University
170820Mid-Sweden UniversityMid-Sweden University
198821Halmstad UniversityHalmstad University
202322University of SkovdeUniversity of Skovde
269523University of GavleUniversity of Gavle
281324Kristianstad University CollegeKristianstad University College
340525University College of BorasUniversity College of Boras
364826Dalarna University CollegeDalarna University College
370927University WestUniversity West
441628AlbaNova University Center, Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm UniversityAlbaNova University Center, Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm UniversityStockholm
511229Sodertorns University CollegeSodertorns University College
658330University College of Arts Crafts and Design KonstfackUniversity College of Arts Crafts and Design Konstfack