Cost of living in Hungary
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 125 178
Food 117 216
Transportation 27 88
Communications and utilities 58 91
Clothing 20 76
Sports and leisure 19 65
Accommodation in Hungary USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre126
Shared room in city centre179
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre211
1 bedroom apartment in city centre305
Location on map
Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
5181University of SzegedSzeged4,500 USD5,000 USD
5662Eotvos Lorand UniversityBudapest4,800 USD5,000 USD
6763University of DebrecenDebrecen5,500 USD6,500 USD
7634Corvinus University of BudapestBudapest2,000 USD3,000 USD
9785Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsBudapest3,600 USD4,000 USD
11966University of PécsPécs3,000 USD3,800 USD
13487University of PannoniaVeszprém2,800 USD4,500 USD
14278Central European UniversityBudapest13,500 USD
15209Semmelweis University BudapestBudapest13,000 USD14,000 USD
172210Szent István UniversityGödöllő4,000 USD4,500 USD
185311Óbuda UniversityBudapest
189812University of MiskolcMiskolc1,000 USD1,000 USD
196413University of West HungarySopron1,000 USD1,000 USD
217414Pázmány Péter Catholic University BudapestBudapest
232615Széchenyi István University Győr5,000 USD5,000 USD
383316University of KaposvárKaposvár2,500 USD2,500 USD
541817Budapest Business SchoolBudapest1,000 USD1,000 USD
542418Eötvös József College Baja1,000 USD1,000 USD
543519College of Nyíregyháza1,000 USD1,000 USD
562320University of Debrecen Medical School and Health Science Center
673621Kodolányi János University College SzékesfehérvárSzékesfehérvár7,500 USD7,500 USD
673722Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design BudapestBudapest5,000 USD5,000 USD
714023Szent István University Faculty of Veterinary Science
714124Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts BudapestBudapest5,000 USD5,000 USD
715725Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music BudapestBudapest1,000 USD1,000 USD
721726Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church BudapestBudapest5,000 USD5,000 USD
724027King Sigismund College BudapestBudapest
744928Budapest College of Communication and Business
751729Kecskemét CollegeKecskemét1,000 USD1,000 USD
752530University of Pannonia Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture
781431College of DunaújvárosDunaújváros
829232Károly Róbert College GyöngyösHeves1,000 USD1,000 USD
875533Andrássy Universität BudapestBudapest1,000 USD1,000 USD
894434Corvinus University Buda Campus
909635University of Western Hungary Campus Savaria (Berzsenyi Dániel College)
969536International Business School Budapest (Budapest College of Management)Budapest10,000 USD10,000 USD
1014937Gábor Dénes College BudapestBudapest
1035338Apor Vilmos Catholic College VácVác
1060539Hungarian Dance Academy BudapestBudapest7,500 USD7,500 USD
1130640College of SzolnokSzolnok7,500 USD7,500 USD
1138841University of Drama and Film BudapestBudapest1,000 USD1,000 USD
1146742Jewish Theological Seminary University of Jewish Studies Budapest
1152643Sapientia Shool of Theology BudapestBudapest
1160244John Wesley Theological College BudapestBudapest
1162345International Pető András Institute of Conductive Education for the Motor Disabled and Conductor-Teacher Training College Budapest
1203646Edutus Főiskola (MUTF + HJF)
1283147Gál Ferenc Theological College
1303448Reformed Theological University of Debrecen
1367249Dharma Gate Buddhist CollegeBudapest
1374950Theological College of PécsPécs