Singapore - General information
RegionSoutheast Asia
LanguageEnglish, Malay
CurrencySingapore Dollar
Foreigner students3.9%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world20
Ranking of universities in the world15
Academic Reputation 38
Employer Reputation 36
Quality of teaching 33
International Faculty 28
International Students 27
Citations per Faculty 26
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 2
Universities in top 200 2
Universities in top 500 2
Universities in top 1000 3
Universities in top 5000 9
Cost of living in Singapore, USD/month
Accommodation 635 1,126
Food 211 371
Transportation 57 98
Communications and utilities 65 80
Clothing 23 88
Sports and leisure 43 115
Accommodation in Singapore, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre641
Shared room in city centre1,137
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre1,123
1 bedroom apartment in city centre1,710
Location on map - Singapore
Due to economic breakthroughs for the last 30 years, Singapore could integrate the eastern cultural values and western high life standards drawing a whole range of advantages of modern education.
Singapore set a serious task to become a unique Boston in the East to claim to be one of demanded trends in Asia. This is the ideal place for those who plan to deal with business, economics, finance, management, logistics or retail business.
Singapore offers high quality education in all specialties for affordable costs. This is the reason why most international students seek for the chance to get higher education in there.

Singapore universities are the best in Asia

Singapore universities hold the top lines by the world ratings. For example, by international ratings, Singapore National University is recognized to be the best in Asia. This is due to that the government takes a strict control over the educational programmes to comply with the world academic standards.
The critical advantage is that lots of foreign universities have student exchange contracts signed with Singapore and this is a good chance for graduates to enroll to almost all high-status universities in the world.

Advanced technologies during study in Singapore universities

Since tertiary education facilities mostly run on their own, they always keep track of novations in disciplines they offer. It is good for them to adjust curriculums to actual needs year by year. Such approach ensures quick search of application are for the knowledge they acquire.
Singaporean universities use the latest technologies to teach students. So, they practice 3D printing machines, 3D bio-printing machines, aerospace technologies, robotics and so forth. The classes are equipped with the latest equipment and advanced laboratory installations.

Cost and quality of education in Singapore

If the applicant fails to win the grant, the tuition is however less than those in the East, Europe and USA. The quality of education is high, though. The Singaporean credentials are highly demanded and acknowledged in the world.

Singapore – the scientific and research center

Singapore arguably enjoys the title of the scientific and research center due to its breakthroughs and accomplishments in the scientific sector. So, Velox-1, the first nano- satellite of Singapore weighing only 4.28 kg was first invented at the Nanyang Technological University, or NTU.

Challenges to promote

Singapore can boast with the stable economics to tell about the correct governmental policy and its constant development. Study in this country is not only prestigious but also promising. Being rich, comfortable and advanced, this country ranges and motivates students to study and enhance knowledge acquired.

English language in Singapore

One of the valuable aspects of study at Singaporean universities is that the classes are in English language only. The English language is the main communication tool in the multinational country. Moreover, TV and radio broadcast in English as well as army uses it for training.
If the applicant is not good at English, universities offer prep-courses. Since the English is one of four official languages of the country, applicants may attend any courses provided.

Opportunities to learn Chinese and Malaysian in Singapore

By law, all Singapore citizens should have a good command of the native language to comprehend the culture accordingly. In general, applicants may choose the language of study(for example, in Chinese or Malaysian languages). Chinese- or Malaysian-speaking also study and work at universities though there are whole quarters in Singapore that are language-specific like Chinatown(how to get to Chinatown – by metro to the Chinatown MRT Station), Little India, Kampong and Arab Street(how to get to Kampong and Arab Street – by metro to Bugis MRT Station).

Highly-qualified academic staff in Singapore universities

The country budget allots huge amounts to education system annually attracting teachers from all over the world. So, specialists from England, America, Australia and other developed countries are employed at Singaporean universities.

Democratic system of education in Singapore

The power of the politics based on personal merits influenced the educational system in there. Personal potential and deeds are the major principles of the system. Creditworthiness and social status are not critical to assess the particular person.

Singaporean campuses

In Singapore, students may live in campuses equipped to comply with up-to-date needs. The campus terrain infrastructure is considerable: libraries, museums, research centers for study and tennis courts, swimming pools and fitness clubs – for leisure time.
So, there is an Olympian-sized swimming pool for students at the Nanyang Polytechnic University territory of 50 meters in length and 25 meters – in width.

Flexible educational system in Singapore

The Singaporean system of education features clear differentiation for classes where students may profoundly learn those disciplines they deem appropriate for future occupation.
The system focuses natural sciences which say on extremely high level of training in such subjects. Singapore is also the place to study English language, mathematics and engineering-related disciplines. Medicine is added to this list lately.

New-built roots and relations

The international society commits to widen the outlook. Through communication, students improve their views, make new acquaintances and roots contributing to personal and professional promotion.

Scholarships to study in Singapore

Most universities in Singapore launch scholarship programs, including international student-related ones. Applicants are better search for such grants and examine offers. The total amount of scholarship may be enough to cover tuition and participation at conferences. On the top of it, this aid may be a good initial capital for researches.
Major Singaporean universities are published at the specific portal for international scholarships – SINGA (Singapore International Student Award).

Free study in Singapore

It is possible to study in Singapore for free. Applicants are advised to visit the official page of the state education which lists international scholarships. The application for grants is sent upon enrollment to any university. National administration collaborates with large universities that are government-sponsored.

Support for perspective students in Singapore

Companies that show concern in highly-qualified specialists often allot grants for talented students. Students of large universities get financial aids supported by education department of the country.
So, NatSteel, one of large companies, allow scholarships and supports researches on a yearly basis. An internationally acknowledged diploma of bachelor and good references from research supervisors are required to get this scholarship.

Trips during study in Singapore

Singapore is called the gate to the South-East Asia. It is the area of major global trade, education and tourism. It successfully develops due to beneficial location of the country. The study process is enriched with excursions and trips throughout the country. Singapore warmly welcomes tourists at the South China Sea coast line. A host of small islands locate between the Moluccan Strait and Malay Peninsula that make the total terrain of Singapore. Dam bridges connect Singapore with Malaysia. Ferryboats take regular trips to large Indonesian islands.

Safety aspect of life in Singapore

The country can state on minimal rate of crime with no control in streets due to watching cameras set everywhere. Law compliance is strictly controlled in Singapore ensured by high fine amounts set to both natives and foreigners. Taking this in view, international students feel safe in the country during study period.

High life standards of Singapore

As per the International Monetary Fund, Singapore ranks 3rd regarding gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. In Asia, high living standards are reported in Singapore where the profit per each citizen is 56,694 USD per year. Each 12th citizen can be considered a millionaire (8.5% of population). And thus, it is rational that the educational budget of the country made 5,571 bln USD for the year 2013 (3% of national GDP). This explains comfort of study at universities and research centers.

Transport structure of Singapore today

The public transport system in Singapore is the best designed in the world. It is very easy and comfortable to make travels around this country. The metropolitan and bus networking are well developed in there. They are affordable for trips in the city and in the territory of university campuses.
Changi Airport in Singapore has been acknowledged the best airport in the world for 19 times. This is the major air hub in Asia allowing international flights. The low fees allow travelling through Asia or visiting home countries during vacations.

Entertainment during study in Singapore

Students may greatly enjoy various museums, theaters, concert halls, amusing parks, zoo and wonderful temples in the country. There are some sights in Singapore that really amaze people. So, the biggest panoramic wheel in the world is located in Singapore. The country terrain is passed by the Formula One race route with rally taken at nights.

Career promotions

As the commercial center of the South-Eastern Asia, Singapore is a solid market player, indeed. Ambitious young entrepreneurs meet lots of challenges to improve their businesses there. Creativity and fresh thinking are welcomed. Students who prove to be perspective may anticipate good jobs providing they plan to stay in the country.

Tolerance factor in Singapore

In view of varied ethnic population in Singapore, the students who arrive to study in here may feel safe and free. The number of international students may go to 80% of the total number of students.

Why Singapore once again

Below find photographs of Singapore today and sightseeing that are worth visiting when you are there.
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