Hong Kong is reputed as the exceptional destination to study English language since the environment welcomes the student steeping in the English language-specific place and getting to know to the unique Asian community. The Asian culture combines the tempo and uniqueness of China, stringency and behaviors of the west.

Cost of language courses in Hong Kong

SchoolProgramme12 hours
British CouncilGeneral English194 USD
ME English Language CentreGeneral course213 USD
Impact Language CenterConversational English310 USD
A Plus EducationAdult conversational program348 USD
AA+ SchoolExplorer Program542 USD
Q LanguageIntensive English757 USD
Antipodean English Language SchoolIELTS General1,004 USD
HKEnglish.comIELTS General1,006 USD
The table lists averaged prices for course classes of 12 hours in duration in total. Follow the links in the table or visit the official website of the company for more precise prices for lessons.

English-speaking environment in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the British colony in the past. Now it takes ranks of the gate to new-day Asia therefore English language in here refers to the state language. This is to tell why all natives have quite perfect command of the language. So, face-to-face contact is easily achieved in practice which is one of essential steps to master the language.
International students studying at various language schools in Hong Kong are offered extensive options to start language learning from A to Z, hone skills acquired earlier and expand knowledge, prepare for IELTS exam and take classes of Business English.

Technical equipment

Classes are all equipped with appliances of all kinds required for learning. So, each classroom has its Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) that contributes to making teaching more enthralling and effective.

Teaching technique at Hong Kong language schools

Language schools employ wide-ranging teaching methods that include ad hoc dialogues on subjects applicable in the daily life, various brain games, interactive video- and audio materials, case study and so forth. The study process is targeted to improvement of English language proficiency, comprehensive use of active vocabulary, permanent enhancement through watching movies and news portals in English and listening to radio, reading books, magazines and so on.

International students in Hong Kong

Language schools accepts international students from Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, Japan, Mongolia and other European countries committing to friendly multinational environment. Nevertheless, international environment beyond language schools is as much as considerable and vivid. This is why foreigners feel perfectly comfortable in the area and native people do not amazingly stare at foreigners as it might happen in continental China where foreigners are too rare.

Academic staff

Hong Kong schools are known to employ highly qualified and proficient academic staff. The teaching personnel have globally recognized TESOL/TEFL credentials. The lecturers from Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand commit to enhance the English language proficiency. On the top of it, they take all endeavors to hone skills to think in English and speak the language as if it is the native one.