Singapore - General information
RegionSoutheast Asia
LanguageEnglish, Malay
CurrencySingapore Dollar
Foreigner students3.9%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world20
Ranking of universities in the world15
Academic Reputation 38
Employer Reputation 36
Quality of teaching 33
International Faculty 28
International Students 27
Citations per Faculty 26
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 2
Universities in top 200 2
Universities in top 500 2
Universities in top 1000 3
Universities in top 5000 9
Cost of living in Singapore
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 635 1,126
Food 211 371
Transportation 57 98
Communications and utilities 65 80
Clothing 23 88
Sports and leisure 43 115
Accommodation in Singapore
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.
Shared room outside of centre641
Shared room in city centre1,137
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre1,123
1 bedroom apartment in city centre1,710
Location on map - Singapore
Singapore appears as the outstanding country due to the beauty of islands and one of the world’s major commercial hubs to combine cultural heritage of the East and high life style of the West at home. This greatly matters for decisions made by thousands of foreign applicants to seek in the option to get education in this destination country.
Singapore employs perfect education system offering challenges for students since education is a priority for the country development. It is proud to maintain high standards of teaching and learning followed by practical experience and easy employment.

Higher education in Singapore

Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
421National University of SingaporeSingapore26,904 USD26,904 USD
712Nanyang Technological UniversitySingapore11,355 USD11,355 USD
9573Singapore Management UniversitySingapore28,451 USD
23024Singapore University of Technology and DesignSingapore17,213 USD30,628 USD
23435Ngee Ann PolytechnicSingapore6,039 USD
28966Singapore PolytechnicSingapore6,039 USD
39107SIM UniversitySingapore
39838National Institute of EducationSingapore
48479Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and TechnologySingapore
552810Nanyang PolytechnicSingapore

Advantages to study in Singapore

Among numerous advantages of study in this country, the following are worth highlighting:
  1. This is a multilingual country and it offers study in two languages. As per the national regulation, all Singapore citizens should have a good command of their state language to be able to comprehend the rich multicultural heritage of the nation. Although, TV programs are broadcasted in English language as well as army commands are given in this languages. However, an applicant is entitled to choose a study language.
  2. Target classes. This is supposed to be one of major peculiarities of study in Singapore: each applicant is offered to profoundly study those disciplines that mostly conform with his/her competence.
  3. The country greatly focuses on Natural Science which is one of criteria to judge on the extremely high level of qualification in such disciplines. Also, Singapore is reported to be a perfect place to study English language, Math’s and sciences related to Engineering. Medicine is one of disciplines to move into top disciplines lately.
  4. Independent education institutions. Due to availability of such facilities, universities stay relevant to innovations related to classes they offer. This makes them enable to adjust education curriculums to adapt to daily requests. This ensures that the graduate will easily find a practical application to knowledge acquired. Besides, Singapore handles a challenge to become a unique Boston in the East which additionally proves high competence to educational curriculums.
  5. Resources available to comprehend the culture of the country. Singapore is one of countries where cultural values are canonized and national history and culture are amongst disciplines that refer to priorities like governmental missions. In fact, any qualification offered in here clearly stipulates the requirement to life-long self-improvement for the graduate. And specialists that aim to that are welcomed to work globally.
  6. Edusave Grants. International students might be allotted scholarship based on Edusave Grant. In case the applicant fails to get the grant, the tuition fee is anyway lower than that employed in most developed countries in the East and in Europe. However, the international student is not eligible to work upon study with the Student Visa even on a voluntary base. All the time the student should devote to study only.
One of the strong points of the education in Singapore is that the government signs student exchange programs with a great number of countries, which is beneficial for Singaporean students to get enrolled to most prestigious universities of the world without exams.

To the point, if the applicant is not good at English, he or she might go to language proficiency courses based at universities. Since English language is one of the four official languages accepted in the country, the applicant might go to absolutely any language course. Singapore enjoys high standards when it comes to language proficiency and high education institutions sets competitive entry standards.

Enrollment procedure to universities of Singapore

As in most English-speaking countries, university graduates are awarded degrees as follow:
Bachelor’s Degree
To get Bachelor’s Degree, the applicant at admission should pass the English language exam and test by SAT1 (SAT Reasoning Test) (reading and writing at least 600, Mathematics at least 650) and SAT 2 which differ from university to university in terms of requirement level. The study period is 3 to 4 years depending on the major.

Master’s Degree
It takes 1 to 3 years more to get Master’s Degree after Bachelor’s. Master degree programmes are designed to prepare students to practice in profession. These programmes set individual requirements to Master-level exams to vary from university to university. That means that each university requires passing exams that are deem requisite in the particular year.

Duration of study may vary from 3 to 5 years. These programmes are research based. Students take admission for doctoral course upon completion of their Bachelor degree program. As with Master programme, doctoral admission sets no uniform requirements: particular university sets its own standards for admission including interviews.

Furthermore, international students who wish to study at Singaporean universities upon completion of elementary school should complete compulsory pre-university courses which last from 2 to 3 years in some particular cases.

How to get Singapore Student Visa

The procedure to get a student visa to study in Singapore for an international applicant is simple, on one hand. However, everyone who applies to Visa Department at the Embassy of Singapore in the home country of the applicant is informed on the probability to lose the right to stay in the country on legal bases, if the applicant:

  • spends less than 15 hours for study per week;
  • misses more than 10% of all classes irrespective of the reason;
  • he/she decides to change the place of study;
  • seeks for employment.
In case all these details are ignored, visas are issued in 99% out of 100% foreigners within 4 weeks. The consul may require, however, more additional certificates, which are not in the list of compulsory document. Therefore, one should better apply for a student visa with three months in advance.

Visa procedure

In order to apply for a student visa the following documents should be taken for submission:
  • A copy of valid foreign passport;
  • Passport-sized photograph 3х4;
  • All certificates and diplomas with transcripts and scores available;
  • A copy of the birth certificate;
  • A bank statement to prove that the applicant has the minimum required amount of assets at the bank account to stay in the country for the entire period of study;
  • A letter of acceptance;
  • Proof on accommodation;
  • Copies of foreign passports of parents and siblings;
It is interesting that if the person travels in transit through the country, he/she is eligible to stay in Singapore for up to 36 hours. That means the applicants’ relatives and friends may travel here at ease.
One should be also informed that upon receipt of a student visa, the applicant should have a tourist visa prepared, which is used to arrive in the country and keep preparing other documents to legally stay in here.
Upon arrival in Singapore, the applicant should:
  • have In-Principal Approval Letter of Student Pass registered, which proves student visa acquisition;
  • sign in at university;
  • have obligatory student examination at the addressed educational institution;
  • visit the Immigration Department in Singapore to get a visa card with the package of documents prepared in the home country available.
The applicant will get assistance from the educational institution addressed to on the spot.
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