Cost of living in Denmark
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 358 500
Food 228 523
Transportation 45 213
Communications and utilities 69 90
Clothing 32 120
Sports and leisure 25 114
Accommodation in Denmark USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre361
Shared room in city centre505
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre545
1 bedroom apartment in city centre792
Location on map
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391University of CopenhagenCopenhagen1,699 USD2,008 USD
862Aarhus UniversityAarhus17,000 USD17,000 USD
1053Technical University of DenmarkCopenhagen19,000 USD19,000 USD
2734University of Southern DenmarkOdense13,000 USD13,000 USD
3145Aalborg UniversityAalborg15,000 USD13,000 USD
9506Copenhagen Business SchoolCopenhagen20,000 USD20,000 USD
15017Roskilde UniversityRoskilde
8VIA University CollegeAarhus
9IT University of CopenhagenCopenhagen
10University College of Northern Denmark
11University College LillebæltOdense
12Niels Brock Copenhagen Business CollegeCopenhagen
13Business Academy SouthWestEsbjerg
14University College South DenmarkEsbjerg
15Tietgen Business School
16KEA - Copenhagen School Of Design and TechnologyCopenhagen
17Aarhus Technical College
18Erhvervsakademiet Handelsskolen København Nord
19Kunstakademiets ArkitektskoleCopenhagen1,000 USD1,000 USD
20Zealand Institute Business and TechnologyCopenhagen
21Danish School of Media and JournalismAarhus
22Zealand Business College
23UCC University CollegeHillerød
24Aarhus Business College
25Business Academy Aarhus
26Aarhus School of ArchitectureAarhus15,000 USD15,000 USD
27Metropolitan University CollegeCopenhagen
28Syddansk ErhvervsakademiOdense
29CPH Business Copenhagen Business AcademyCopenhagen
31International Business AcademyKolding
32Campus Vejle
33Kolding School of DesignKolding
34The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts
35Uddannelsescenter Holstebro
36Royal Danish Academy of Music15,000 USD15,000 USD
37National Film School of Denmark
38Sjaelland Profesional Training Centre
39Technical Education Frederiksberg
40Tech College Aalborg
42Royal Academy of MusicAarhus1,000 USD1,000 USD
43Academy of Professional Higher Education MidjutlandHerning
44Erhvervsskolen Nordsjælland
45School of Hotel Management
46Business and Technical College of Northern Denmark EUC Nord
47Danish Academy of Business and Technology RandersRanders
48Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher EducationOdense
50Rhythmic Music Conservatory