Statistics - Hong Kong
RegionEastern Asia
CapitalHong Kong
LanguageChinese, English
CurrencyHong Kong Dollar
Foreigner students16.1%
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world32
Ranking of universities in the world13
Academic Reputation 21
Employer Reputation 25
Quality of teaching 18
International Faculty 15
International Students 11
Citations per Faculty 18
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 100 2
Universities in top 200 4
Universities in top 500 6
Universities in top 1000 7
Universities in top 5000 11
Cost of living in Hong Kong, USD/month
Accommodation $756 $1281
Food $247 $401
Transportation $46 $116
Communications and utilities $78 $113
Clothing $27 $101
Sports and leisure $43 $117
Accommodation in Hong Kong, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$756
Shared room in city centre$1280
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$1132
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$1731
Cheap flights and hotels in Hong Kong
Title BachelorMaster
871University of Hong KongUniversity of Hong Kong18,775 $18,775 $
992Chinese University of Hong KongChinese University of Hong Kong18,647 $18,647 $
1123Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong University of Science and Technology18,004 $5,414 $
1194City University of Hong KongCity University of Hong Kong15,431 $15,431 $
2055Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong Polytechnic University15,431 $15,431 $
3866Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHong Kong Baptist University15,431 $15,431 $
6427Lingnan UniversityLingnan University15,431 $15,431 $
13838Hong Kong Institute of EducationHong Kong Institute of Education15,431 $15,431 $
24699Open University of Hong KongOpen University of Hong Kong11,574 $11,574 $
305810Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityHong Kong Shue Yan University8,744 $8,744 $
395211United International CollegeUnited International College10,288 $10,288 $
590112Chu Hai College of Higher EducationChu Hai College of Higher Education8,873 $12,860 $
606013Hong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsHong Kong Academy for Performing Arts12,988 $12,988 $
856314Hong Kong College of TechnologyHong Kong College of Technology11,574 $11,574 $
1117515Hong Kong Art SchoolHong Kong Art School
1334816Caritas Bianchi College of CareersCaritas Bianchi College of Careers
1408217Hong Kong Institute of TechnologyHong Kong Institute of Technology
1466718Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeCaritas Francis Hsu College
1498119United Christian CollegeUnited Christian College
1608320Chinese University of Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community CollegeChinese University of Hong Kong Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College
1613821CCC Kung Lee CollegeCCC Kung Lee College
1647222Hang Seng School of CommerceHang Seng School of Commerce
1825223Kaplan Higher Education (Asia Pacific Management Institute) Hong KongKaplan Higher Education (Asia Pacific Management Institute) Hong Kong
2148824Centre for Educational DevelopmentCentre for Educational Development
Antipodean English Language SchoolAntipodean English Language School
ME English Language CentreME English Language Centre
AAplus Language SchoolAAplus Language School
Q Language Hong Kong